When buying a used car, van or motorbike you can often be left without the same reassurance as buying a new car with the manufacturer’s warranty. This is where an RAC Warranty can help. Our warranty gives you additional confidence and peace of mind when buying your next vehicle.

You can choose an RAC Warranty on all makes and models of vehicle - giving you the reassurance that you're reducing the risk of an expensive repair bill in the event of something happening to your vehicle. All vehicles CAN come with a minimum of 3 months warranty and up to 3 years  you can extend the term of the cover to meet your needs. Your RAC Dealership representative will discuss with you our eligibility criteria and your needs to offer you a product that suits.

What does an RAC Warranty include?

Product Level What your warranty includes
PlatinumAll mechanical and all electrical parts are included^.
GoldA number of listed parts^.
SilverLimited listed parts^.


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